Trip To Milan

On the 4th I went to Milan, a city that I’ve always wanted to visit.

Milan is known for its fashion and for the Duomo, but not everyone know of some little special must-visit places that don’t compare on guides, so I’m going to share with you my itinerary and my experience.

I started my day with an amazing breakfast at California Bakery, which couldn’t be more perfect for me because it’s all American themed.
I’m not talking only about the décor, which is lovely, with baskets hung all around the ceiling; but I’m referring to the food itself.

It’s delicious and you can find any American dish.

I got two brownies and a filtered American coffee, while my boyfriend ordered pancakes with maple syrup and I had to taste those as well – yummy!

There are so many possibilities of choice that I was astonished at first, you can also have pancakes with bacon and eggs, a French toast or a piece of the many cakes they have; you can go there to have brunch, lunch, dinner, late dinner or go to have a drink during the happy hour.

It’s quite and lovely and the service is excellent.

I then went to the Castello Sforzesco, a beautiful historical castle not far away from the city center.

If you live in Milan or you’re there for a couple days it’s perfect to go jogging because other than the many art exhibits there is a wide park, where you can go take a walk and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

The next stop was the Gallerie, which is literally a gallery where you can find some of the top luxury shops like Prada.

Since it’s still the holiday season there is a giant and sparkly Swarovski Christmas tree, which is beautiful.

From there it’s easy and quick to reach the Duomo where there also was a little Christmas market where they sold artisanal items like jewelry, scarves and bags.

I didn’t visit inside the Duomo because there was an infinite line to wait, but if you want to go inside the tickets cost from 2€ to 13€, depending on which areas you want to see.

Around the monument there are other shops, like Hugo Boss, Zara Home and Lego.

Me and my boyfriend had to go to Lego and surprisingly we had to wait in line to enter, but it was definitely worth it.

The shop itself has two floors and it’s quite normal, but wherever you turn you can find Lego sculptures, like Star Wars scenarios and a princesses castle.

We went eating to Luini, the best panzerotti shop in town.

There isn’t such a huge range of products but it’s 100% sure that you’ll love it.

It was born as bread maker and now it’s a street food shop in front of which a lot of people, including me and my boyfriend, wait in line just to taste a couple of their panzerotti, which you can eat cooked in the oven or fried.

The best one is mozzarella and tomato sauce; the dough is so soft and light that I could eat the entire shop – I would then become a whale but who cares.

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We ate sitting on a bench because Luini doesn’t have tables and chairs but that’s not a problem for whom loves street food as much as we do.

We then proceeded with Via Garibaldi, the fashion street.

Milan is a fashionista town so it’s completely normal to find shops wherever you go, but Via Garibaldi is the apex of it all.

As you get closer to the street you can hear the music playing and see people with Luis Vuitton and Valentino bags.

The street is literally studded with luxury shops and it’s so fascinating to look at their windows because they’re so original and unique.

The shops themselves and architectural works and you can notice beautiful pieces of interior design.

Even if you can’t afford their products it’s a must-see place in Milan.

At that point it was about 4 p.m. and there were only a couple of places left to see.

We went to the Unicredit square.

The bank Unicredit has its headquarters in Milan, it’s a big skyscraper and at its feet it was created a lovely square with a fountain and around it, as always, you can find many shops, such as Tesla, Nike and Sephora.

It’s a lovely place to hang out and rest your feet.

At the lower floor there is a supermarket and other food restaurants, while next to the square there was another small Christmas market.

We ended our day at Eataly, the famous food shop and restaurant, where you can buy top quality products.

After a quick walk around the shop, where I found foods that I didn’t even know existed, we went upstairs for an aperitif.

I took a glass of Prosecco, I didn’t understand where it was from but apparently it was vip material, and a focaccia with stracciatella and dop prosciutto.

It was the coronation of a perfect day, which unfortunately went by too fast.

I loved visiting Milan and if you are there for just a day I suggest you follow my itinerary, which allowed me to see all the best places and more.

Have you been to Milan? What have you visited? Where should I go next? I was thinking Bologna..

Tell me in the comments!