What I’ve learned in my internship

First things first: welcome back to me! And to you too, of course.

It feels like forever since I posted an article here on my blog, I have to say that I really missed it but life got in the way and unfortunately days last only 24 hours.

I had too many things to do and for my mental health I had to let something go, it was a hard choice but I couldn’t publish something written on a rush, something not well thought and with crappy images; I don’t treat my blog and you, my lovely readers, like that, I want to give my 100% into it and although now I’m at 70% I think we’ll have to get by with that.

The main reason I was away for so long is University, as you may or may not know I’m at my third and last year and during this time it is required to do an internship so I thought I’d better do it immediately so I can later focus on lost exams and blog posts.

For privacy and other structural causes I will not tell you where I did it and the name of the company, which I will call Family X – Am I being dramatic? Totally. But why don’t give a veil of 007 to my comeback post?

I’ve learned a lot during these almost-3 months and I’d like to share it with you because I think some people will relate to my experience and I’ll be able to help some others who are going to be in that situation.


Don’t build any expectation, at all. Nothing will turn out the way you imagined it.

I thought I would do great things, work and help around the office, maybe give my opinions and ideas and that they would find them smart and interesting.

Instead I found myself in a kind of Rory Gilmore situation: lost.

– A shutout to Gilmore Girls, aka the only thing I found time for during my internship –


More than I imagined, honestly.

Everyone has their work to do and although they gave me assignments and they were really thoughtful of me, I found myself with quite a lot of spare time and nothing to do, so I started and almost finished my graduation essay.

In those moments it’s up to you to ask them to give you something to work on or, if they’re really busy like in my case, just optimize your time and turn it into something positive and useful.



About those dead moments: why not employing them doing something for your internship?

Depending on what your job at your work place is you could find a way to show your skills and unique point of view.

I created a presentation and social media management plan to show my interest in the company and that I’m actually smart under all my curly hair and that I could be an asset to the brand or even maybe the best intern they ever had.

Showing you care about your internship is very important because in this way you give them the chance to know you a little better and they will start to notice you more other that appreciate your work.

Do something to show you’re professional, serious and could be a good employee for the future.


Let’s be real here: there are nice people, who are kind to you, laugh at your jokes and ask you to get a coffee with them during the break.

Then there are not-so-nice persons who you won’t enjoy as much and maybe you won’t like at all.

I was very lucky because I found amazing, funny and kind people in my office and met some other great ones around the company.

But you’re not always lucky, that’s the working world, my friend; you find narcissists, sexists, bitches and I-know-it-all kind of people and you just have to deal with it because that’s how it is and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

It won’t do you any good to focus on the negativity and don’t fully enjoy and exploit your internship; the best advice I can give you is to not give a damn.

Stop caring about them, you are supposed to learn from your time in that company, to get a new perspective, maybe learn new thing about yourself other than about that job; but you will never be able to do that if you keep throwing malefic puns and not smiling all the time.

That will only show to your bosses that you’re not a nice person to be around, and that you’re maybe childish and not professional.

So be positive, pretend they’re not there and do the job at your best.


That’s what I’ve become.

During my internship I had to work at Family X, study for my exams, prepare my graduation essay and take care of the house – and you know, having a social life wouldn’t be bad either.

I’ve become really good at managing my time and I think this is a very useful skill for when I’ll really start to work because I won’t have time to do much, and although it’s true that I will have finished University by then so I won’t have to study and spend my time worrying about it – 70% stressing about exams and 30% actually preparing for them – life is always hard and other things will come up.

An internship allows you to organize yourself and learn how to do it best.



Taking time for yourself is important too, if you don’t rest you will get stressed and nervous and that will affect the way you work and relate to other people – not to mention that you’ll look like an exhausted crazy zombie, so pretty much like me.

So take a long bath – try the Lush bath bombs and then tell if they’re worth it, thank you – paint your nails, read, eat like there’s no tomorrow, watch a movie or your favorite tv series, go play football and imagine the head of your nasty colleague instead of the ball.. Relax and rest.



Don’t be afraid of doing a mistake, of saying the wrong thing, looking like a fool.

Don’t be shy and try to overcome your boundaries and limits.

I was terrified of answering the phone, I’m a shy person by nature with people I don’t know well and I’m always afraid I’ll say the dumbest thing ever; but by the fifth time I answered the phone I became more confident and by the 12th it was such a natural thing to do that I didn’t remember why I was so worried in the first place.

There are some things that an intern isn’t supposed to do, and I’m not the one telling you, it’s the law.

If you don’t like an assignment because that’s not what your internship should be about just tell your superiors, like I did.

I was quite scared but they said I was right and they understood my point.


If you don’t know how to do something, if you’re not sure, if you need a day off but you’re worried they’ll think you’re a lazy panda – which I totally am but this is not the right place to discuss it – just ask them.

Again, don’t be afraid and push yourself.

They will answer you, of course, and then you’ll do your best.

That’s what it’s all about: doing your best, that’s more than enough believe me.


I hope that with this post I’ve been able to help some young – or not so young – minds that are going to undertake an internship, giving you some positivity and inspiration.

I’ve learnt a lot, probably more about myself than the job itself, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.

I think I’ve grown up a bit and I’m sure you will too.

What about you, though? Have you ever done an internship? What has your experience been like? I’m dying to know, tell me in the comments!