Newsletter – Christmas with Babyliss

Here some news for you: the gift boxes Babyliss.

Babyliss staff was kind enough to send me some informations of their latest new products, which I must say, if I could, I would buy them all ..

Each box contains a hair straightener (respectively the models ST389, ST387 and ST330) and the mirror 8435 with 8 LED lights, swivel and with one side that has X5 magnification.

The cost of each box is € 89.90; € 69.90 and € 59.90.

Product quality is very good, so it’s worth spending a little more for something that lasts long and does their jobs well.

And I’m sure it would be a loved and very appreciated present for Christmas!

If you do not need a good straightener, Babyliss also offers other products; as the pulsed light Homelight Connected G946E and the rotating brush Beliss 1000; at the cost of € 299.90 and € 69.90.

For those of you less experienced pulsed light is a device that allows in a fast, easy and safe way to perform a comprehensive treatment of permanent hair removal; while the rotating brush dries, untangles and gives form to the hair giving volume and hold.

Being a girl with curly hair I know how annoying and how much time and energy, or money, a hair blow can take; this type of brush would be a great help that would speed up the process; while as regards the pulsed light, the utility is obvious to us women, that we have to suffer the painful waxing or have to deal with irritation post razor.

Conclusion? They would be money very well spent.

But Babyliss did not think just us women; a gift always useful and acceptable for men would be a trimmer.


The trimming E876E has a electronic mobile head at 33 ° and patented W-Tech blades that offer high performance precision. It also has 48 cutting heights and is equipped with the LED display. It has a cost of € 99.90.

I have not personally tested all of these products but I’m confident in this brand and its products, I think they all are of high quality.

For the review, you can watch videos on YouTube of different straighteners and curling irons by this brand.

On the Babyliss channel you can also find several tutorials.

So I suggest you go and visit the online shop of Babyliss and take a look at all their wonderful products!

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