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Samantha Carraro – the blog, not the person – was created in 2014 out of curiosity and love for anything new, inspiring, creative, challenging and aesthetically pretty. I love discovering new things, places and people, and I’ll take you with me in this adventure.

Iā€™m a ’90s creative weirdo who happens to be an Brazilian-Italian girl, passionate about fashion, beauty and all things related to creativity. Samantha Carraro is a lifestyle blog full of colors and sarcasm – just like my everyday life.

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  • Easy and Handy Guide for Rio De Janeiro

    3 July 2019 by

    Last year, during Spring (Spring here in Italy, Autumn in Brasil), I’ve gone to my beloved Brasil on vacation with my mother. I’ve been there in 2014 but during those weeks I didn’t visit as many places as I wanted to, so this time I had to do it right and wander throughout the city… Read more

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