Let’s go back to school!

The Summer has passed – more or less quickly – and September is here, which means falling leaves, hot beverages, pumpkin everything and fur coats… But most of all: it’s time to go back to school (or work).

I haven’t attended a class in quite some time as I’m currently working on my thesis and planning to graduate from university in March 2020, after 5 long, exhausting, interesting, educative in more ways than imagined, unexpected years.
I study Innovation and Marketing, and before that my Bachelor’s Degree is in Foreign Trade.
During these 5 years, and the many before them, I’ve “learned” how to best exploit my potential, take notes, study for a test; and I’ve come to some realizations.

But to be honest, it has been a trial-and-error process, with tons of errors; but luckily, you might be able to learn from my mistakes and find some useful insights in this post.

  • Buy second hand books – school and university can be very expensive depending on your Country policies, so buy books from former students and save some money;
  • Color-coding is essential: I use different colors for different paragraphs, titles and subjects to help and speed my memorization process;
  • Study and review your notes everyday to stay on top of things – although a little procrastination is normal and sometimes welcome;
  • Don’t worry and stress too much – capabilities are ever-evolving and nobody’s perfect; a perfect grade doesn’t determine one’s intelligence and you can’t be great at everything, is perfectly normal;
  • You’ll probably feel exhausted and want to give up – don’t.
  • Find your own studying process. What works for someone might not work for you, so try different techniques and tools.

I use different tools to study and work, I always love getting new stationery, planners and basically anything cute, colorful and

I use Monocromo notebooks to take notes, pastel Stabilo highlighters when studying to highlight the most important things, post-its, colored sticky bookmarks to be placed on the most difficult paragraphs, A4 blank pages to draw diagrams and frameworks, Bic pens, Stabilo markers and tons of pencils.

So, lots and lots of cute and mostly unnecessary stationary.

I have basically become a pro at creating mind-maps: key information and relations between subjects are basically all you need to create one. In my case, they help me memorize information and structure a paper or essay – they help both for tests and for my Master’s thesis.

I also love having A5 notebooks to doodle, draw or take notes of podcasts, workshops, seminars.
I was kindly sent some by Bastet & Bee and I have to say that they are very handy, of excellent quality, and multi-purpose.

Lately I have been working on multiple things: my thesis, my portfolio, my resume. These notebooks have detachable pages so they made it easy for me to work on everything I needed to.

I have designed two different pieces for my portfolio: a poster and an illustration, other than the entire layout of the different pages of the portfolio.

Drawing and planning everything on paper first helps me visualize the project better and makes the work much easier and faster later on.

The playful and minimalist structure of the notebooks fosters creativity and helps keeping everything in order.
I’m using the Play Starter Pack, but all the pieces from Bastet & Bee and their design fit together and you can combine them however you like.

I also have a big sketchbook that I use while I’m at home and allows me to work on bigger pieces.

Drawing and painting are my happy places. They calm me, bring me peace and allow me to let go of stress and forget about daily problems, even if just for a while.
I highly recommend finding something that helps you focus on yourself and let go of everything else, it might improve your focus on work or study and lift your mood.

To stay focused while studying or working, I’ve sometimes used the Forest: Stay Focused app, which doesn’t let you use any app.
Every time you effectively stay focused and don’t use your phone a new tree will grow in your virtual forest.

The A5 notebook is currently my favorite one because it fits perfectly in my purse so I can take it anywhere and easily get to work when inspiration strikes.

Although this year I haven’t purchased a planner, I highly recommend doing so – whether it’s a planner, a bullet journal or a diary – because it helps staying organized and remember everything that needs to be done.
One of my all-time favorites is the Ban.Do planner, which is complete with stickers, inspiring and motivational quotes, monthly view and artistic pieces.

I love decorating my planners with watercolors, lettering and doodles.


My essentials for school/work are many: I always love having watercolors close to me, they are my favorite medium but not the easiest to carry around.
Coffee is a must. I love my take-away mug made from recycled materials, it allows me to carry my hot beverage wherever I go while remaining stylish and earth-friendly.
Red lipstick and red nail polish might not seem as necessary as my Daniel Wellington wrist watch, but trust me, they make all the difference.

Whether you study or work – my tips and must-haves are always the same: a notebook, a pen, lots of coffee and patience – in my case a load of sarcasm as well.


In May I have finished my internship and being proactive, attentive, curious and willing to learn, have help me discover new sides of myself, push my limits, learn new things and get into contact with different realities – although I was emotionally and physically exhausted and looked like a walking zombie for 82% of the time.

Going back to school or work after some lovely, warm and relaxing vacations can be difficult, so what are your tips and tricks for getting back into the school/work mindset and be efficient in what you do?
What are your essentials for the school/work season?

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  1. I love your doodles! My doodles look like chicken scratches…sigh. I’m done with school…till I began a certificate program at the beginning of the month. At least it’s online and I can do it while I work too.


  2. When I was in school, I had one notebook for all my courses just because I couldn’t stand having several books around. I bought only textbooks that lecturers said were compulsory because we had the internet and massive libraries. I was an attentive listener in class so I hardly read my books till the night to tests or exams. I came out with a few points less than a first-class but I don’t miss schooling –I do miss the fun part of it which had nothing to do with studying though.


  3. When I was in university, I also used a lot of highlighter pens. It helped me remember salient points in the lecture and made it easier to review for an upcoming exam. Doodles, yes I did those too. But they were mostly things made out of triangles. Weird, huh?


  4. When I was a student, more than a decade ago, I was so particular about the stuff I used in school. I also used different colors for books and I color coded stuff because they were easier to remember that way.

    I was quite OCD in school but NO I wouldn’t want to be a student again. I am happy where I am now. Dentistry school sure was fun but it was tough.


  5. Kudos on your return to school! I like others have already stated, love how organized you are. I also love all the great tips you provided as well.


  6. I love how organized you are and how you decorate your planners! I think is easier to go back to work or school when you have such a cute looking agenda or journal, right?


  7. It’s already back to school time and I’ll also be heading back to the university. I make sure to study and do my research daily to ensure I’m not caught up with the bulk of work over time, and I understand well.


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